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WKDMAT Protuning Locations

Street Tuning

Street tuning is not currently available.

Dyno Tuning

All dyno tuning is performed out of Dynotech's state of the art dyno facility in Seekonk, MA.

We use a Mustang Dyno AWD-500. Some people prefer higher reading Dynojets and the like to inflate their numbers ego, but we truly believe the Mustang line of dynos are the best possible tuning tool available. We are able to properly load, tune, and test ALL vehicles, even those pesky 2WD cars with complex traction control systems. We've outfitted the dyno to be able to read manifold pressure, exhaust pressure, fuel pressure, multiple widebands, and are always expanding our capabilities.

The most important thing to remember is that a dyno is a testing tool. If the numbers keep increasing, then you’re doing the right thing. We try to look over at NET gain, instead of Peak HP numbers. When you look at deltas in percentage, raw values become irrelevant.

Dyno's regardless of the type are tuning tools, and are in no means meant to tell people how fast their car is, that's what timeslips are for.