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WKDMAT Protuning Pricing

WKDMAT Protuning Pricing

Deposit/Basemap Policy

ALL TUNING APPOINTMENTS require payment IN FULL, IN ADVANCE. 'Day of' cash payments must be approved and are still subject to cancellation / rescheduling fees. If you contact us (7) calendar days in advance to reschedule or cancel, we will keep a credit on file for you to be applied to a future tuning appointment. Appointments canceled with less than (7) days notice will be subject to a $150 rescheduling fee which covers the lost time. If you are more than 30 minutes late to scheduled tuning session with no valid notification your session may be forfeited. Valid notification methods: Email, Phone (Call or Text), Facebook Messenger ONLY.

Payment Methods:
Credit Cards -
Venmo - @WKDMAT
Paypal -
Facebook Payments - @WKDMATT

We can and do provide basemaps for Cobb tuned vehicles. A discounted basemap will ONLY be provided after full payment is made for a tuning appointment and are an additional $75 charge. Basemap charges may be waived for our parts / labor customers on a case by case basis. Basemaps are intended to allow you to run the vehicle and inspect it for mechanical deficiencies. They are not guaranteed to run the vehicle perfectly. Additional basemaps or basemaps provided at our discretion outside the course of a scheduled and paid for tuning appointment are $150/each

Full remote (E-Tuning) tuning is only available for the 15+ WRX platform.

Tuning Appointment Availability -

EJ Subaru

Cobb Accessport/Opensource – starting at $595

Extra Features:WKDMAT Protuning Pricing
'Stage 3+' Type (Injectors, Turbo, etc) +$50
Hybrid Speed Density +$150
Full Speed Density +$250
Flex Fuel or Additional Maps (91/93/MS109/C16/Q16/Ethanol Blend/E85, etc) +$400
Opensource (by exception, see notes below) +$250

All 'Extra Feature' and multi-fuel calibrations are drop-off only

I require the use of a V3 AP. V1 and V2a/b Accessports are NOT SUPPORTED as of 2020. If your Subaru is an 08+ STi I also strongly recommend installing a fuel pressure regulator kit for optimal results with any non stock fuel system. If you have larger than stock injectors I REQUIRE that you have proper fuel system supporting mods (Rails, Lines, Dampers, Regulator) to ensure a stumble-free calibration.

Flashing opensource cars back to stock is complementary if they are running my mapping. Cars with alternate mapping can be flashed back to stock for a $150 service charge.

Not all models and configurations are eligible for opensource based tuning. If your intention is to have your car opensource tuned, please contact me with the details of your configuration in advance. Opensource tuning is more complex and time consuming than normal AP tuning, and certain modifications and models are not supported. If your vehicle has Cobb AP support, I strongly recommend contacting me for a discounted AP + tuning bundle.

Retunes - Discount applies to all retunes based on complexity of changes. 

JDM Swaps - If you need additionally a map flashed to your stock USDM ECU for inspection purposes, there is a $100 labor and flash charge for physically swapping the ECU's back and forth and performing the flash. Your USDM ECU will be flashed with an inspection ready BASEMAP that will run your car safely.

Standalone ECU –  starting at $995

FA Subaru

Cobb Accessport – starting at $595

Extra Features:
'Stage 3+' Type (Upgraded Turbo) +$100
Full Speed Density +$150
Flex Fuel or Additional Maps (91/93/MS109/C16/Q16/Ethanol Blend/E85, etc) +$400

All 'Extra Feature' and multi-fuel calibrations are drop-off only

Retunes - Discount applies to all retunes based on complexity of changes. 

FB Subaru

subaruEdit – starting at $495 for basic calibration of naturally aspirated 2011+ FB powered Subarus


Elimination of rev-hang
Improved throttle response
Large improvement of torque dip
Support for certain aftermarket forced induction configurations at an additional cost


Naturally Aspirated – starting at $345 (No Dyno Results)
Baseline / Final Dyno Results +$150

Forced Induction – starting at $645
Upgraded Injectors +$100

BRZ/FRS/GT86 tuning additionally requires a one time license fee of $375 to unlock your VIN for tuning. 

COBB AP Supported Volkswagen

Cobb Accessport – starting at $645

Extra Features:
'Stage 3+' Type (Upgraded Turbo) +$150
MPI +$150
Additional Maps (91/93/MS109/C16/Q16/Ethanol Blend/E85, etc) +$400/ea

DSG Tuning - $200 (Requires unlock +$400 or AP with existing unlock)

HPT / VFT Supported Toyota

2016-2022 3.5L V6 Tacoma - VFTuner starting at $495
2020+ 5th Gen 4Runner - VFTuner starting at $595

HPTuner Supported Applications - starting at $695

2005-2015 4.0L V6 Tacoma
2016-2018 & 2020 2.7L I4 Tacoma
2015-2019 5th Gen 4Runner
2007-2021 5.7L V8 Tundra
2007-2021 5.7L V8 Land Cruiser
2007-2008 FJ Cruiser

Custom configurations and forced induction tuning for supported platforms is available at an additional cost, please contact for details. 

COBB AP Supported Ford

Cobb Accessport – $595

COBB AP Supported Mazda

Cobb Accessport – $595

COBB AP Supported Mitsubishi

Cobb Accessport – $595

Flash-Based Honda

KTuner ‐ $595
Ktuner tuning requires the purchase of the Ktuner hardware for $449 (No Display) / $649 (Touch Display), or the purchase of a KTuner license for $200

Flashpro ‐ $595
Flashpro tuning requires the purchase of the Flashpro hardware for $695, or the purchase of a Flashpro License for $350

AEM Series 2 / Infinity / Haltech Honda

Naturally Aspirated ‐ $695

Forced Induction‐ $995

NA/NB Mazda Miata

Megasquirt ‐ $995


NISTune Realtime ‐ $795
Requires purchase and installation of a Nistune Realtime daughterboard

Haltech/Megasquirt - $995

All Other Platforms

For all other platforms and EMS, tuning is $350/hr for the first hour and $195/hr every hour thereafter

Retunes - All Non-Subaru Platforms

$250/hr, one hour minimum


93 Octane - $9.99/Gal
Ethanol - $14.99/Gal
If you want to pay less for fuel, supply what you need. 

Dyno Testing - Power Pulls

$195 - This covers setup and as many power pulls as desired (within reason) with no changes to the vehicle configuration. 

Dyno Rental

$275/1st hour + $150/ea additional hour - This covers setup and assistance with running the dyno itself, but no tuning assistance. 

Please contact for all questions regarding exact pricing for specific configurations.

These policies and pricing are subject to change or modification at any time per the discretion of Wicked Matt Transcendent Tuning.