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Diagnostics and Consulting

Mechanical Diagnostic Policy

All diagnostic work is drop off only and requires a $150 initial deposit. This deposit covers the first hour of my time at which point diagnostics and repair will cease, and I will provide an estimate of what additional diagnostic and repair may be necessary. Example of diagnostics include DTC troubleshooting, drivability issues, parts identification, and pre tune inspections.

I cannot tell you beforehand how long it will take to fully diagnose issue, what it will cost to diagnose, or what it will cost to fix. If I could, it wouldn't need diagnostics.

Remote Calibration Diagnostics / Configuration Consulting

Remote Calibration Diagnostics / Configuration Consulting (phone, email, facebook, skype, etc) requires a $150 initial deposit which covers up to an hour of my time. Every additional hour will be billed at $75/hr. This is perfect for customers who want to source their own parts (used, eBay, dark corners of the internet) but want to ensure that they have a solid build plan and that the things they are sourcing are actually going to work together AND meet their goals. Even if I am not your parts source or your tuner, I'm still glad to consult on your build.