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WKDMAT Protuning Policies

It is YOUR responsibility to read and understand everything below, ignorance is not an excuse - if you have questions, contact me and I will explain anything further

Tardiness Policy

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment without notification (email or phone call), you are considered a no‐show and forfeit your spot and appointment. All appointments missed by an hour or more are forfeit regardless of notification. Time you are late is part of your allotted dyno time, if you want the most time available, please be prompt. Being slightly early is encouraged. Any exceptions to this are at our discretion.

Pre‐Tune Inspections (PTI) and Mechanical Policy

All vehicles scheduled to be tuned are assumed to be in proper working order and ready for tuning. Any additional costs incurred from mechanical repair or parts replacements will be assessed and due in full at the end of your appointment. Mechanical repair during a tuning appointment is not guaranteed. CEL's of unknown origin, locked/unwritable ECU's, fuel delivery problems and the like are YOUR responsibility. If you are not certain that your vehicle is ready, it is in your best interest to schedule a PTI with a qualified shop BEFORE scheduling your appointment. Boost leak test, compression test, spark plug gap, the list goes on and on. I'm always happy to discuss specific questions beforehand if you aren't sure your vehicle is prepared properly.

Early termination of a tuning session due to a mechanical issue with a vehicle is solely the responsibility of the vehicle owner and the full cost of the tuning session will be assessed.

Dyno Tuning

All vehicles scheduled to be dyno tuned must have proper factory tie downs in place. If you have a question about the ability of your car to be properly setup on the dyno due to modification or removal of factory tow hooks, excessive lowering, or any other extreme modification it is your responsibility to notify us of that when you schedule your appointment. If your wheels/tires rub on the street, they WILL rub on the dyno rendering your car unable to be tuned. Please come with proper fitment wheels and tires installed. If your vehicle leaks fluids onto the dyno, there will be an additional cleanup fee assessed. Body kits and/or diffusers, splitters, giant wings or similar that interfere with the dyno or securely strapping the vehicle will need to be removed. We allow you to be present during your appointment, but please refrain from arriving with large groups of people. During the tuning session, please refrain from wandering around the shop or straying from the specified waiting areas. Doing so is a risk to you, and our number one goal is safety.

Street Tuning

All vehicles to be street tuned must be safe to drive. A good rule of thumb is that they should be able to pass a basic state safety inspection. This means, yes, the vehicle needs working brakes, tires with some amount of tread, functioning lights and other basic functions. We also require a valid registration and matching license plate(s) to be with the car. Any problems resulting from the street legality of a vehicle are solely the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Street tuning refusals due to safety or legality will result in the full cost of the tuning session being assessed.

State Emissions Testing / Inspections

As vehicle emissions testing and inspections are an ever changing requirement, we do not guarantee the ability of any vehicle to pass state inspection. It is your responsibility to research and be familiar with your own states requirements as they pertain to your vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to, readiness monitors. If you have a Subaru, this link may help you with completing your readiness cycles Subaru Readiness Code Set Procedure

These policies are subject to change or modification at any time per the discretion of Wicked Matt Transcendent Tuning.